Friday, December 3, 2010

ANGRY BIRDS app review

Angry birds is a game available on the apple app store for a low price of $.99 which is a great deal for this app of this quality. This app is brought to you by ClickGamer Technologies Ltd. In this game little green pigs have stolen the eggs of a few birds which has made them angry and you have to launch these birds by a slingshot at the fortified dwellings in which these pigs are sheltered. This game utilizes many concepts of physics when you sling the bird making the gamer think. The iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad application contains 195 logical levels in 5 different stages that you unlock along the way. A the game progresses you earn more birds with even more abilities to help your birds get their eggs back. As you progress through the game every level challenges you more and more and you will fail at times, but you just have to keep going.This game is game center supported which gives it a plus because there aren't many games on the app store that are game center supported. With game center there's no multiplayer support but there is leader boards and achievements that one can earn and show to your friends. In all this is a very simple application. This app is recommended for those people that enjoy those simple games that make you think. It is also a good family application because anyone can just pick up an iOS device, open the app up, and get hooked on the angry birds.

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  1. Thanks for giving this app review. I’m surprised by the 195 levels in 5 different stages. IMO, it’s the biggest iPhone game.