Friday, December 3, 2010

ANGRY BIRDS app review

Angry birds is a game available on the apple app store for a low price of $.99 which is a great deal for this app of this quality. This app is brought to you by ClickGamer Technologies Ltd. In this game little green pigs have stolen the eggs of a few birds which has made them angry and you have to launch these birds by a slingshot at the fortified dwellings in which these pigs are sheltered. This game utilizes many concepts of physics when you sling the bird making the gamer think. The iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad application contains 195 logical levels in 5 different stages that you unlock along the way. A the game progresses you earn more birds with even more abilities to help your birds get their eggs back. As you progress through the game every level challenges you more and more and you will fail at times, but you just have to keep going.This game is game center supported which gives it a plus because there aren't many games on the app store that are game center supported. With game center there's no multiplayer support but there is leader boards and achievements that one can earn and show to your friends. In all this is a very simple application. This app is recommended for those people that enjoy those simple games that make you think. It is also a good family application because anyone can just pick up an iOS device, open the app up, and get hooked on the angry birds.

Friday, November 19, 2010

RAGE (HD) app review

Rage is a new game that has become available on the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. There are two versions of this app available: Rage and Rage HD. Rage is the standard app available for all devices running iOS 3.2 or later for a low price of $.99. Rage HD is the high-definition version of Rage that is only compatible with high resolution devices such as the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, an the iPad for a more expensive price of $1.99. In this version you are only paying another dollar or high-definition graphics and nothing more since both games contain the same gameplay with the same features and abilities. Rage is a game set in post apocalypse on earth where mutants have taken over the world. These mutants look like zombies and they have an assortment of weapons that they use against you. These weapons range from bricks and grenades the spiked clubs. In the game you are starred in a mutant tv show where you are given a machine gun, pistol, and shotgun and are put in a building filled with these mutants all trying to kill you while you are trying to get out of the building. There are three stages in this game: tenements, asylum, and bunker. You have a few icons on the corners of your hub that help you in your gameplay. In the top right corner you have a weapon icon where you can switch between your weapons. At the top left corner you have your ammo icon where you can check how much ammo you have left and where you can also reload. At the lower left corner is an icon that let's you sprint and also dodge those items that those mutants will throw at you so you don't loose health. The last icon shown on your screen during gameplay is the fire button, but I probably don't have to explain the function of this icon. This game isn't very challenging and you don't control where you move the game moves for you. There are two ways you can play this game: touchpad or tilt. The great feature about the game that make it so great is that you can use tilt even if you don't have an iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4 that contains a gyroscope and it is actually effective. I use my iPod touch 2g for this game and used tilt and it worked well, probably not as well as it would have if I had a gyroscope built in. You can play this game in either easy, medium, or hard difficulty. In the game there are items that can be abundantly found on each level such as: cash bags, health, ammo, etc. You can attain these items by shooting them. When your scope is aligned on an item it turns green to let you know that your scope is on an item. Overall with this game you get more than you pay or and you should be happy with your purchase, I know I was when I made the purchase. This app is recommended for those game players that want a shooter game that's not too complex but still a bundle of fun.

Monday, November 15, 2010

FRUIT NINJA app review

Fruit ninja is a fame found on the apple app store do a low cost of $.99. This game is quite primitive if I may say so myself. You perform the same action to achieve the same goal for the entire game. The are a few differed games but they all involve slashing different kinds of fruit such as apples, bananas, pineapples, watermelons, strawberries, etc. Every time you smash a fruit you earn a point and when you smash more than two at a time you get additional points. The different variations of this game include a modes where you slash fruit until you miss three fruits and they fall unlashed or slash a bomb,  in one game mode when you slash a bomb you lose ten points or in another you lose automatically, and other modes where you have a 60 second time limit and you want to smash all the fruit you can in that time period. Every time you play, you are paying for the ability to unlock more swords in which to smash mire fruit. When you unlock swords it is mainly just the color of the slash as you swipe your finger across the the screen on your device. A great feature that sets this game apart from others is it's Game Center compatibility.   What makes this game different from other Game Center games is it's multiplayer ability. This is probably one of the only game applications on the Apple App Store that supports that at this time. Without Game Center and it's multiplayer ability this game would be a nothing. Now this game doesn't offer much but go it's low price it's your own call.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Modern combat 2 black Pegasus is the sequel to the popular iPhone application modern combat sandstorm which was released earlier in 2010. This application is for the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad; made by Gameloft. If anyone has played Gameloft applications for iOS devices you know that they are top notch. Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus is priced at $6.99 a bit pricey, but similarly priced compared to other Gameloft games on the Apple App Store. This game is a first person shooter and resembles the popular console game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Some of the similarities between the two ate that it is set in modern times and resembles many of the maps that are available on the console game. There are two ways to play this game depending on which device and what generation of that device you own, the first is to use the gyroscope on your iPhone and iPod touch 4 and the second is to use both joy sticks the are displayed on the screen mainly for those who do not own one of those 4th generation devices. If you don't own a 4th generation device you might have difficulty aiming while playing this game. When moving your viewpoint of your character in the game you may constantly, accidentally press the the shoot button which, in multiplayer let's all your opponents know where you are. This game does a great job with multiplayer as it offers online, Bluetooth, and over wifi. Gameloft Implemented a popular feature from the Call Of Duty they modeled this game from, the added a multiplayer ranking system in which certain amount of XP allows you to rank up and earn more guns and abilities as you rank up. A downside to this game would be it's lack of Game Center support. Instead houbara stuck with Gameloft love Which compared to Game Center is 2nd best. Overall one of the better applications on the app store and probably the best first person shooter on the app store. This applications recommended to all of those who posses a 4th generation iOS device with a gyroscope because of it's simplicity.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Monopoly is an app that is $2.99 on the apple app store. This is the iPhone and iPod touch version of that popular board game you used to or still do play with your family and friends on game nights. This game contains many of the same features of that popular board game: containing the same places for the same price, the ability to buy or action your property, the ability to build houses and hotels on your property, the little metal pieces you move around the board such as the car and dog, the ability to play up to four people, and much more including the time limit spent playing this game. What I liked about this app was that you can play it by yourself against a computer player or if you wanted to play with another person you could play multiplayer on one iPhone or iPod touch or on separate devices over Bluetooth or wifi. They added several great additions to make the game seem more real such as the ability to shake your iOS device to roll the dice. Overall a great app that I would highly recommend you get if you love the game of monopoly and just can't find anyone to play with either. This has been an iOS Apps Review and check out my other posts.

Friday, October 22, 2010

iOS Top 5 Free Apps of all time

1. Pandora: This is a free internet radio application that can be used to listen to all kinds of music for free. A great feature of this that makes this app great is its ability to skip songs if you do not care for them and or you can also pause a song whenever you like.

2. Remote: This is an application that is used to control itunes on your computer. The great thing about his app is that all you need is to be connected on the same wifi network as your computer and have itunes open and you can control itunes such as: watch movies, listen or watch podcasts, listen to music, etc.

3. Facebook: 
In these days it is hard to come across someone who does not have a Facebook because everybody is on Facebook. A good way to keep up with you Facebook stats and friends on the go is with the Facebook app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Who says you need a computer to be connected to all your friends these days.

4. Cube Runner: Cube runner is a fantastic game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The object of this game is just to avoid hitting the moving cubes. You use your iPhone/iPod Touch's accelerometer to move left and right in order to accomplish this objective. This game is truly unique and I think it has the same quality as a paid app only this is free.

5. Flashlight: This is probably the simplest application on the entire app store. All                       this app does is put up a plain       white or any other color  on the whole screen in order to create a bright light source. This comes in very handy if the power where you live suddenly goes out and you can just grab you iPhone/ iPod Touch and open this app and light your way. This application believe it or not is extremely bright and very useful.                         

Friday, October 15, 2010


"Cut the Rope" is a new application on the Apple App Store that recently came out on October 5, 2010. This application is $.99 on the App Store or there is also a lite version available. Currently this game is rated as the number one app on the top paid applications chart on the App Store. This iOS application is in the game genre and is a strategic type of game. This game is centered on an adorable monster named Om Nom who shows up at the door in one of many boxes that the you can unlock during gameplay. This adorable creature that resides in these boxes has only one request from you, to give him candy. The monster is placed in one of the various levels in each of boxes and above him hangs a piece of candy hanging by various ropes. It is the your job to cut the ropes in a way that the candy lands in the creature's mouth. While you cut the ropes you try to acquire all of the three stars that are located in that particular level. Stars are needed in order to unlock the next box, so the more stars you collect every level the sooner you can unlock the other boxes. There is a cardboard box, fabric box, foil box, and a gift box at the moment, but there are new levels and boxes coming soon. Each box contains about 25 different levels that really challenge you mentally.
      The Good: The first thing that I liked was the game center support here. This game is one of only a few applications on the Apple App Store currently that is game center supported. There are 14 achievements on for this game on game center and all your friends can see and compare achievements with you using game center. This game is very challenging and makes you really think about what will be your next move.
      The Bad: Although i would like to say that once you play this game for a while it does start to get boring. You are doing the same thing every time only a little harder each time. I would say that at first you will play it a lot, but give it like a week and chances are it might get boring. For $.99 what else would you expect.  This game also sold over 1 million copies in the only ten days it has been released.
      The Bottom Line: Over all a great game and I would certainly recommend this app to anyone who likes or seeks a challenge. More is to come from this game in the future as this game is only over a ten days old and it is certain that more levels are to come. I can see this application remaining as the number one app on the top paid apps chart for much longer. iRating: 4 out of 5. This has been an app review from iOS Apps Review and looking forward to next weeks review. Also Check out the video review of this application on youtube here.