Sunday, October 10, 2010


ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup is an game type application on the Apple app store for the iPod Touch and iPhone. This application was priced at 99 cents which is quite a good deal. This app is very unique, unlike all the other soccer games on the app store such as FIFA 10 or Real Soccer 10 that come out with a new game app every year for example FIFA 11 in late 2010 and Real Soccer 11 also in late 2010, this app is good for four years so next year you won't have to dish out more money for the latest game app out there. This app contains all the content you would expect from a FIFA game. You can play as all the countries that competed in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa as well as all the players on the world cup teams. Just like any other app review there are pros and cons to consider before purchase.
      The Good: Let me start out by saying this app is very addicting. When i first played it I played it for hours on end. I just could not put it down. You catch on quickly with this app. The controls are set up nicely and labeled shoot, pass, and skill. There is no A button or B button where you just have to remember what does what and I think that is a nice feature of the game. Electronic Arts has done a great job with the penalty shootout feature they have added. You are both the shooter and the keeper of your team and the way that it is setup you will have a lot of fun. Another feature i like a lot is when you or the other team scores their celebration is quite cool. They also give you an action replay of the goal that was scored and you have the ability to slow it up or keep it at the game speed in which it occurred.
      The Bad: Here they should have added an online multiplayer because after a while you kinda get tired of playing the world cup over and over again. The only multiplayer that this app features is multiplayer over wifi and bluetooth. This isn't that bad of a con if you know someone who has bought this app, has an ipod touch/ iphone, and is in the same building or confined area as you. But if you are like me and don't have it your stuck with playing the world cup over and over again. Another con i think is the game time. They only give you, from what i believe, is around 90 seconds plus a few seconds for injury time. I don't think that is enough time to really get into a match.
     The Bottom Line: This game is great. The graphics, gameplay, and easy user navigation and controls make this game a favorite of this app reviewer. I would recommend this app to any soccer players out there who just can't seem to get soccer out of their heads. iRating: 4 out of 5. This has been an app review from iOS Apps Review and looking forward to next weeks review. Also Check out the video review of this application on youtube here.

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  1. I wish EA has released it on android too.