Friday, October 15, 2010


"Cut the Rope" is a new application on the Apple App Store that recently came out on October 5, 2010. This application is $.99 on the App Store or there is also a lite version available. Currently this game is rated as the number one app on the top paid applications chart on the App Store. This iOS application is in the game genre and is a strategic type of game. This game is centered on an adorable monster named Om Nom who shows up at the door in one of many boxes that the you can unlock during gameplay. This adorable creature that resides in these boxes has only one request from you, to give him candy. The monster is placed in one of the various levels in each of boxes and above him hangs a piece of candy hanging by various ropes. It is the your job to cut the ropes in a way that the candy lands in the creature's mouth. While you cut the ropes you try to acquire all of the three stars that are located in that particular level. Stars are needed in order to unlock the next box, so the more stars you collect every level the sooner you can unlock the other boxes. There is a cardboard box, fabric box, foil box, and a gift box at the moment, but there are new levels and boxes coming soon. Each box contains about 25 different levels that really challenge you mentally.
      The Good: The first thing that I liked was the game center support here. This game is one of only a few applications on the Apple App Store currently that is game center supported. There are 14 achievements on for this game on game center and all your friends can see and compare achievements with you using game center. This game is very challenging and makes you really think about what will be your next move.
      The Bad: Although i would like to say that once you play this game for a while it does start to get boring. You are doing the same thing every time only a little harder each time. I would say that at first you will play it a lot, but give it like a week and chances are it might get boring. For $.99 what else would you expect.  This game also sold over 1 million copies in the only ten days it has been released.
      The Bottom Line: Over all a great game and I would certainly recommend this app to anyone who likes or seeks a challenge. More is to come from this game in the future as this game is only over a ten days old and it is certain that more levels are to come. I can see this application remaining as the number one app on the top paid apps chart for much longer. iRating: 4 out of 5. This has been an app review from iOS Apps Review and looking forward to next weeks review. Also Check out the video review of this application on youtube here.

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