Saturday, October 30, 2010


Monopoly is an app that is $2.99 on the apple app store. This is the iPhone and iPod touch version of that popular board game you used to or still do play with your family and friends on game nights. This game contains many of the same features of that popular board game: containing the same places for the same price, the ability to buy or action your property, the ability to build houses and hotels on your property, the little metal pieces you move around the board such as the car and dog, the ability to play up to four people, and much more including the time limit spent playing this game. What I liked about this app was that you can play it by yourself against a computer player or if you wanted to play with another person you could play multiplayer on one iPhone or iPod touch or on separate devices over Bluetooth or wifi. They added several great additions to make the game seem more real such as the ability to shake your iOS device to roll the dice. Overall a great app that I would highly recommend you get if you love the game of monopoly and just can't find anyone to play with either. This has been an iOS Apps Review and check out my other posts.

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