Friday, October 22, 2010

iOS Top 5 Free Apps of all time

1. Pandora: This is a free internet radio application that can be used to listen to all kinds of music for free. A great feature of this that makes this app great is its ability to skip songs if you do not care for them and or you can also pause a song whenever you like.

2. Remote: This is an application that is used to control itunes on your computer. The great thing about his app is that all you need is to be connected on the same wifi network as your computer and have itunes open and you can control itunes such as: watch movies, listen or watch podcasts, listen to music, etc.

3. Facebook: 
In these days it is hard to come across someone who does not have a Facebook because everybody is on Facebook. A good way to keep up with you Facebook stats and friends on the go is with the Facebook app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Who says you need a computer to be connected to all your friends these days.

4. Cube Runner: Cube runner is a fantastic game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The object of this game is just to avoid hitting the moving cubes. You use your iPhone/iPod Touch's accelerometer to move left and right in order to accomplish this objective. This game is truly unique and I think it has the same quality as a paid app only this is free.

5. Flashlight: This is probably the simplest application on the entire app store. All                       this app does is put up a plain       white or any other color  on the whole screen in order to create a bright light source. This comes in very handy if the power where you live suddenly goes out and you can just grab you iPhone/ iPod Touch and open this app and light your way. This application believe it or not is extremely bright and very useful.                         

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